Wednesday, February 26, 2014

PVC Bow Hot Box - Layout and Material List

Hey fellow backyard bowyers! Here is a list of the materials (plus links to a couple big box stores) needed to build the hot box as well as some layout drawings. There's one for cutting the 4'x8' drywall panel into all the box panels, one for the light panel, and one for hole placement on the cover of the box.

(1) One 4'x8' drywall panel, 1/2" thick - Home Depot, Lowes
(1) One roll of foil tape* - Home Depot, Lowes
Aluminum foil, enough to patch wide panels. * Can be substituted for extra foil tape, expect to use one roll plus some.
(3) Three porcelain lamp holder/ceiling sockets (don't get plastic) - Home Depot, Lowes
One 6' long, 16 gauge extension cord - Home DepotLowes

My ideal light setup for fast heat yet stable temperature.
(2) Two 250 watt heat lamp bulbs - Home Depot, Lowes
(1) One 150 watt incandescent bulb - Home Depot, Lowes

Optional - Switch
(1) One light switch - Home DepotLowes
(1) One electrical box (pretty much any box works) - Home DepotLowes
(1) One light switch cover - Home DepotLowes

Total price for box (with switch)
Home Depot = $47.11, Lowes = $41.20

I managed to build one box from second-hand hardware store and garage sale parts for under $20. Like anything else, you end up trading time for money, but it can be done pretty cheaply.

Layout for 4'x8' drywall panel. Measurements are in inches.
Layout for the holes on box cover. Measurements in inches.
Layout for the light panel, in inches.

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